Usability-accessibility testing

We test and measure the effectiveness, efficiency and satisfaction of older peo

Digital School for Diverse Adulthood

Face-to-face and hybrid workshops with its own platform and educational resources. As an ICT4D School and project, it takes a critical look at the use of technologies, with a focus on contributing to autonomy, meaningful use and appropriation, adding a claim action, that of recovering other technological skills and patrimonializing ancestral knowledge.

Workshop program is broad and versatile, and is co-designed at the request of each group. Knowledge about the use of the cell phone as a camera, notions of computer security, computational thinking, planned obsolescence, virtual reality helmets are provided. And using «old technologies» such as radio, ceramics, inviting children and young people to build digital bridges and eliminate the generation gap.

Design and Development of strategic services

In order to improve the quality of life and well-being of the elderly.


Spanish-speaking older adults Database as testers.

Educational resources

Digital bridges

Digital Bridges is a program with the aim of bridging the generational and digital gaps. Through a series of intergenerational gatherings, we create a space for learning and collaboration where children, teenagers, and adults of different ages can share knowledge and experiences related to technology. We aim to preserve existing knowledge and co-create new insights.