About edad.tech

Digital Education for the Diverse Adulthood

It is an Action-Research Project in the Information and Communication Technologies field for Human Development (ICT4D).

It works as a School-Laboratory for the co-creation and testing of products and services for the elderly. The creator is Lorena Paz.

The 20-year-old project has obtained sponsorships, awards, subsidies, mentions and support, always maintaining its ideological independence, financial sovereignty, spirit of solidarity and scientific imprint.


Agustin Aramburu
Ana Laura Chimenti
Cecilia Policastro
Daniela Tamashiro
Jesica Cuellar
Samantha Gavilán


Beereal. We create digital experiences
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History of its evolution


It was born to respond to a specific problem: the exclusion of seniors in the information and knowledge societyo.


It takes the form of Socio-digital Inclusion Workshops with a program that is tailored to the expectations and contexts, for people over 65 years of age.
More than eighty workshops are carried out in different geographical and sociocultural contexts.


It is established as a research-action project with university status.
The classroom ethnography promotes R+D+i, co-create educational resources, improve didactics and, as a natural living laboratory, tests to measure the usability and accessibility of interfaces.
It’s been a very active party in congresses, forums, conferences, journalistic publications and popular science magazines, the project has been exposed in various international meetings.


We make an alliance with Retiree Centers.


We received funding from Corporate Social Responsibility to create customized educational resources through television spots.


We received grants to create accessible and usable educational resources.


Together with our collaborators, we designed a platform to provide older adults who were isolated during the pandemic with all the necessary information in an orderly and unified manner. To develop this platform, we carried out active listening with older adults with whom we already had a prior relationship. In this way, we created a tailor-made information architecture adapted to their needs and interests. https://desdecasa.edad.tech
We gave 100% virtual classes via JITSI and Google classroom.


We created the EDAD educational platform in moodle.


We won a subsidy from the Ministry of Science and Technology, which made Federal Experiences possible.

We did a series of Workshops on the appropriation and meaningful use of ICTs with a group of older adults in person. This group remained linked with older adults in networks and thus we were able to share tools with other older adults virtually, actors and organizations from different places of the country interested in generating socio-digital inclusion instances, exchanging federal experiences and thoughts on ICTs and the generational gap.


We expanded the pedagogical experience by adding an interactive and immersive platform for the outreach of well-being.

EDAD works as a Mobile Laboratory for the co-creation and testing of products and services for the elderly.

It establishes strategic transnational alliances contributing knowledge and framing with sister projects.